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want the perfect sheet metal part

 Looking for deep drawing, stamping, laser cutting, folding, joining, coating, die casting, or module assembly? Need some advice with that? Does it involve chrome steel, aluminum, or another type of sheet metal? Whatever you choose, you need the very best quality, price and performance.


have the know-how

and a modern infrastructure. Our experienced staff are at your service. With our many years of experience in engineering, sheet metal working and in tool making, we rely on state-of-the-art systems for CO2-neutral production.


we will reach the goal

By working together as a team from the initial consultation right through to final delivery, we will search high and low to find the optimum solution for your single or serial parts.

Our Competences


Stamping part

Deep drawing, stamping, laser cutting, folding, bending, joining, and welding: We cold-form sheet metal of every conceivable thickness and in every kind of material.
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Die Casting

stöckli metallbau

A complete system supplier for die-cast parts: To ensure optimum results we coordinate the part coating and manufacturing processes – and that even includes consulting and tool design services.
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Surface Finishing

Stöckli Metall Pulver-Beschichtung Hochglanz schwarz

For a color finish or to protect against corrosion, we can give your sheet metal parts all kinds of coatings – color, transparent, black, or white (the choice is virtually endless). We also offer cleaning, degreasing, grinding, or polishing. Read more

Tool Making

Stöckli Metall Werkzeugbau

We design and manufacture tools for sheet metal parts at our in-house tool shop.
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Stöckli Metall Engineering, Beratung, Planung, CAD

Consulting, planning, and 3D CAD design for your single or serial parts.
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Overall Sheet Metal Services

Metal cassette laser cut, powder coated and assembled

What is it you need? – module assembly, material procurement, packaging, final delivery, or storage? Just tell us and we’ll take care of it for you. Read more

Certificates and Labels

Environment, safety, training

ISO 9001 und 14001 Zertifikat    Wir machen Profis - Lehrbetrieb    act Cleantech Agentur Switzerland energy efficiency sticker   zurich-klimapreis    klimastiftung-schweiz    Logo RoHS

Environmental assessment of our business by the canton of Glarus
Environmental assessment of our business by the canton of Glarus

Glarnerland KlöntalThe canton of Glarus has completed its environmental assessment of our company:

CO2 free – “No fossil fuels are used for the heating systems or for the production equipment.”
CHC free – “No chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHC) are used anywhere within the business, particularly for the purpose of degreasing metal parts.”

Together, we can do something good for our environment!

2011 environmental assessment of Stoeckli Metall AG by the canton Glarus [PDF – in German]

act energy efficiency certificate

Stöckli Metall AG - Auszeichnung 2016 für Energieeffizienz + Klimaschutz

2016 award for energy efficiency + climate protection from act Cleantech Agentur Schweiz
(the Swiss clean tech agency)

We are deeply committed to climate protection and entered into an agreement with the Swiss Federal Government to meet certain targets by 2024. Through our endeavors to improve energy efficiency, we are helping to create a better environment and a sustainable future for our country.

Act Cleantech Agentur Schweiz has confirmed that the annual monitoring process has now been completed successfully and that we have beaten our annual energy saving target.

act award 2016 [PDF]

Zurich Climate Prize

Stöckli Metall - Anerkennungspreis 2010 Zürich Klimapreis Schweiz und LichtensteinZurich Climate Prize Switzerland & Liechtenstein 2012: Prize in recognition of complete non-reliance on fossil fuels – CO2 emissions reduced by 600 tonnes per year.

Zurich Climate Prize 2012 Recognition Prize [JPG]

The Swiss Climate Foundation

Stöckli Metall - Klimastiftung Schweiz 2010Swiss Climate Foundation 2010 Project: Mission accomplished. Target achieved: To reduce CO2 emissions by 530 tonnes per year. Stoeckli Metall AG once had to contend with an outdated infrastructure: a 30‐year-old oil heating system, old transformers, single-glazed windows. The new production building has completely done away with fuel oil for the purpose of generating heat.

Report in ‚The Swiss Climate Foundation – Annual Report 2010‘ [PDF in German] 

ISO certification


Stöckli Metall AG - ISO 9001 Zertifikat - Qualitätsmanagement

ISO 9001: 2008 Basis for continual improvement of the quality management system
ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental management system as a basis for creating sustainability and optimizing environment-related processes within the company

ISO certificate [PDF]


Stöckli Metall AG - ISO 14001 Zertifikat - Umweltmanagement


Training program

berufsbildungplus_polymechaniker-EFZWe regularly train up young talent. State Secretariat for Education, Research, and Innovation We create professionals. berufsbildungplus

Stoeckli Metall AG - offices and production in Netstal / Switzerland

Sustainable environmental protection:


CO2-neutral production – Complete non-reliance on fossil fuels

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