The creation of a “new department”:

In the historic 2020, the first discussions of this project began. At the beginning of 2021, the time had come, the planned was allowed to be implemented little by little. Not an easy task, as space first had to be created in our production halls: storage racks were dismantled and rebuilt elsewhere, various machines weighing several tons had to be moved to make room for new ones, electrical connections were disconnected, redesigned and hung around. In addition, “normal operation” had to be maintained, because our customers should continue to be served without interruption.

CW 5/6: Various preparatory work, installations, dismantling and assembly, moving machines:

Maschinen sind am Boden eingezeichnet
Gestelle sind abgebaut
Elektriker hängen Kabel und Boxen um

CW 6/7: Delivery and installation of the new DMG Mori M1 milling machine:

Ablad im Schnee DMG Mori M1
Unser Team schiebt die Fräsmaschine an ihren Platz
Etwas Neues

CW 13/14: Delivery and installation of the DMG Mori ecoMill 800 V milling machine:

Ablad vom LWK
DMG Mori am Kran
DMG Mori am Kran

CW 15: Delivery of the Omera press:

Ablad mit Kran
Die neue Omera Presse am Kran
viele Kabel für die Omera

CW 15: Delivery of the Teca Print TPE 251 pad printing machine:

Neue Tampondruckmaschine noch verpackt
Neue Tampondruckmaschine TecaPrint von der Seite
Mann wischt Boden mit Besen in Fabrikhalle

CW 38: After the summer break, we are now entering the final round. This week, two yellow “things” were set up. Now they are being prepared for their work. Wondering what that will be?

Finale Phase neue Abteilung E

To be continued: soon we will reveal the secret of what is being created here …