Machinery: transfer press with 8 stations
Machinery: transfer press with 8 stations


Deep Drawing / Oblique Deep Drawing

  • Hydraulic drawing presses (40 to 315 tonnes), bed sizes: 560 x 560 to 1,100 x 1,250 mm
  • Transfer press with 8 stations, 120 tonnes
  • Cutting, crimping, thread cutting machines, etc.

Laser Cutting

  • A laser cutting system (working area: 5,000 x 1,550 mm)
    Steel sheet up to 16 mm thick
    Chrome steel up to 12 mm thick
    Aluminium up to 8 mm thick

Stamping / Bending

  • Eccentric presses with a stamping force of 40 to 100 tonnes, bed sizes: 400 x 585 to 690 x 1,000 mm
  • Four-column automatic stamping presses with stamping forces of up to 200 tonnes, bed size: 900 x 1,600 mm, feed and straightening unit for widths of up to 400 mm and thicknesses of up to 4 mm
  • An automatic stamping and bending machine
  • Straightening systems, notching machines, plate shears

Folding / Bending / Embossing

  • A CNC press brake with a force of up to 80 tonnes (working area: 2,500 mm)
  • Embossing presses

Spot, Pressure, and Stud Welding

  • Tungsten and metal inert gas welding systems (TIG/MIG)
  • Pressure and spot welding systems
  • A (3-axis) CNC stud welding system


  • Riveting machines

Soldering, Brazing

  • Hard soldering (brazing) and soft soldering

Surface Finishes

  • Continuous powder coating facility
  • Wet coating cabin
  • Stoving ovens
    Cleaning and degreasing facility
  • Pad printing machine
  • Barrel finishing facility
  • Grinding and drilling machines

Tool Making

  • Wire-cut EDM, vertical eroding, flat grinding, CNC milling, turning
  • Assembly of new tools
  • Maintenance of tools


  • Packaging machine
Machinery: tools
Machinery: tools