Thursday, April 7th, 2022 is a cantonal holiday. Our company will be closed on Thursday and Friday April 8th, 2022. We are happy to be there for you again on Monday, April 11th, 2022.



Naefelser Fahrt 2022

Every first Thursday in April, the “Näfelser Fahrt” commemoration remembers the victory in the battle of Naefels, thanks to which the Glarner were able to break away from Habsburg in 1388. On this year’s cantonal holiday on April 7, 2022, military formations of honour, harmonium music, drums, the Glarner Cantonal singing club and some Glarner residents will march from the Glarus armory towards Naefels at 7:15 a.m. At the same time, the Catholic procession, led by cross and flag bearers, will go from St. Fridolins Church Glarus to Naefels, where the two divisions will unite in Schneisingen with the “Unterländer”. At the first memorial stone, after the arrival of the government, the celebration will have its highly official start. Framed with the speech by Mrs. Landammann Marianne Lienhard as well as music and singing. The procession then proceeds past memorial stones, where the procession performs prayers, to the “Fahrtsplatz”. Dean Peter Hofmann from Schwanden will give the sermon on the journey and Peter Staub from Mollis will read the journey letter. This emerges from a message from the canton of Glarus.



Memories of the past years

After the Naefelser Fahrt had to be canceled completely in 2020, the government council approved a “light” Naefelser Fahrt for 2021. Due to Corona, this took place in a different form. In 2021, the procession and music formation were dispensed with. In addition, due to the Covid-19 protective measures, only a few places were available. The Glarner government asked the population to stay at home and not to follow what was happening on site as usual. So that the population could still follow the Naefelser Fahrt, TV Suedwestschweiz broadcast the celebrations live on television.


Impressions of 2019

Pictures by Peter Ackermann, Mollis. Thank you!




Every first Thursday in April (unless it falls in Easter Week), the “Näfelser Fahrt” commemoration remembers the victory in the Battle of Naefels, thanks to which the Glarner people were able to break away from Habsburg in 1388. At the “Landsgemeinde” in 1387, they had given themselves a constitution that contained the detachment from foreign rule. The Habsburgs did not put up with this and attacked Glarus in April 1388. Supported by brave people from Canton Uri and Canton Schwyz, the people of Glarus countered the attack on the Rautiberg in Naefels with a hail of stones. They took advantage of the confusion and drove the many times superior army to flight. The Naefelser Fahrt is considered the highest public holiday in the Glarnerland.

(Proceedings of trip celebration and trip letter: website of Canton Glarus)