… and do something for it. We can all achieve a lot on a large scale, but also on a small scale. It is important to us that we leave a world worth living in for our children and future generations. We have been doing our utmost in various areas for years. Now, we have received another award for our efforts.

Last year, in addition to other waste separation processes, we did collect

87 kilogram


3158 PET
beverage bottles

Thanks to this collection performance, in addition to the production of valuable raw materials, there were saved

about 261 kilogram

Greenhouse gases


about 83 liters


With only little effort from each of us every PET bottle that is being collected promotes climate protection, saves energy, reduces waste and protects non-renewable resources. More information about PET-Recycling Switzerland can be found here.

What else have we done?

  • 2005: new CHC-free immersion and spraying system
  • 2010: new production building: reduction of 530 tonnes CO2 emissions per year
  • 2011: re-equipped all lamps to energy saving lamps

Plus: we are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified

More information on our sustainable contributions to environmental protection, occupational safety and quality can be found here.

Environmental Certificate PET-Recycling Switzerland [PDF download in German] ↓