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Quality / Environment / Safety

Looking after the environment, making a sustainable contribution to environmental protection, occupational safety and health, and quality are all issues that are close to our heart – in fact, they are our top priority.

Avoid follow-up costs by using best quality

The optimum quality plan is to prevent postprocessing times and costs. Our stated objective is a zero error rate. In order to realize in full all of a customer’s requirements with regard to a product, it is extremely important to comply with the customer’s instructions on the drawing, contractual agreements and standards. We are also working continuously to improve our flexibility and efficiency.

ISO certification

In order to live up to the rigorous standards we expect of ourselves and our products, we maintain a quality management system compliant with ISO 9001:2008. This means that you can be sure the products will not only meet your general expectations, they will also be incorporated perfectly in your processes. The results of quality checks are documented in customer-specific measurement protocols, which in turn increase process security!


The subjects of environmental protection and sustainability are of great importance to us. We want to prevent the results of our activities from having any negative effects at all on the environment. This is why it was natural for us to become certified to ISO 14001:2004 as well.

We took care to implement environmentally friendly production conditions when planning our new premises. Our building was designed with consideration for the principles of Low-energy standards – ensuring the lowest energy consumption possible with a building shell of correspondingly high quality. By using a heat recovery system backed up by a heat pump, we have thus been able to dispense with the use of fossil fuels altogether.

We use our waste heat several times over: for example, the heat generated in the power coating facility is transferred to another manufacturing process and finally recycled by the heat recovery system.

Occupational safety

If it is possible for mistakes to be made in places where people work, this can quickly lead to highly unpleasant consequences. Our employees are our capital, but more than that, they are a part of our social environment. Accordingly, our duty does not end at compliance with the occupational safety regulations imposed by law.

Our employees should also be kept fully informed about possible improvements in their working conditions as a whole – so that no gradually developing consequential illnesses take hold. As early as the planning stage for the building, we were at pains to ensure that work processes would be simplified, thereby reducing the strain on the employees’ bodies.

Chrome-free metal treatment

Our production processes have been carried out without the use of chrome, in compliance with the RoHS directives, since November 1st, 2005. To protect human health and the environment, we use an alternative method instead of one that requires this carcinogenic substance.

ISO 9001 and 14001 SWISO logo

ISO 9001 and 14001 certification


We expect a lot from our products and our staff. And that is why we have quality, environmental, and safety management systems in place and are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Download “ISO 9001 and 14001 certificate” [PDF in German]



Chrome-free metal pre-treatment


Ever since November 1, 2005, we have been adhering to the requirements of the relevant EU directive (RoHS* – Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) for chrome-free passivation/rinsing and have been cleaning and degreasing aluminum die-cast parts, aluminum components/sheets, and iron components/sheets on our ultramodern immersion and spraying system, which is CHC-free and very environmentally friendly. We are able to achieve conversion coatings that are similar to those obtained with conventional chromate coating (which is harmful to the environment) but without any reduction in quality.

Together, we can do something good for our environment! See also: Environmental Assessment of Stoeckli Metall AG by the Canton of Glarus.

* RoHS = Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment


Umweltzertifikat PET-Recycling Schweiz 2021

2020 Environment certificate from PET-Recycling Switzerland



… and do something for it. We can all achieve a lot on a large scale, but also on a small scale. It is important to us that we leave a world worth living in for our children and future generations. We have been doing our utmost in various areas for years. Now, we have received another award for our efforts.

In 2021, in addition to other waste separation processes, we did collect

PET-Recycling165 kilograms
or 5990 PET beverage bottles

Thanks to this collection performance, in addition to the production of valuable raw materials, there were saved

about 495 kilograms
Greenhouse gases and

about 157 liters

With only little effort from each of us every PET bottle that is being collected promotes climate protection, saves energy, reduces waste and protects non-renewable resources. More information about PET-Recycling Switzerland can be found here.

Umweltzertifikat PET-Recycling Schweiz 2021Umweltzertifikat PET-Recycling Schweiz 2020Umweltzertifikat PET-Recycling Schweiz 2019

For a clean environment - sustainable environmental protection
Umweltbeurteilung STM vom Kanton Glarus

The canton of Glarus has completed its environmental assessment of our company

“No fossil fuels are used for the heating systems or for the production equipment.”

“No chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHC) are used anywhere within the business, particularly for the purpose of degreasing metal parts.”

Together, we can do something good for our environment!

Website canton Glarus

Stöckli Metall AG - Auszeichnung 2016 für Energieeffizienz + Klimaschutz

2016 award for energy efficiency + climate protection from act Cleantech Agentur Schweiz*

*the Swiss clean tech agency

We are deeply committed to climate protection and entered into an agreement with the Swiss Federal Government to meet certain targets by 2024. Through our endeavors to improve energy efficiency, we are helping to create a better environment and a sustainable future for our country.

Act Cleantech Agentur Schweiz has confirmed that the annual monitoring process has now been completed successfully and that we have beaten our annual energy saving target.

Website act Cleantech Agency Switzerland


Zurich Klimapreis Switzerland and Lichtenstein 2012

Zurich climate prize Switzerland + Liechtenstein 2012

Prize in recognition of complete non-reliance on fossil fuels – CO2 emissions reduced by 600 tonnes per year.

Website Zurich Klimate Price


Swiss Climate Foundation - Annual Report

Swiss Climate Foundation

Project 2010t: Mission accomplished.
Target achieved: To reduce CO2 emissions by 530 tonnes per year.

Stoeckli Metall AG once had to contend with an outdated infrastructure: a 30‐year-old oil heating system, old transformers, single-glazed windows. The new production building has completely done away with fuel oil for the purpose of generating heat.

Website Swiss Climate Foundation


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Sustainable environmental protection:


CO2- neutral production - completely renouncing fossil fuels


CO2 savings through investments in our technical infrastructure


Renunciation of chrome-containing processing

Heat pump