Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)

Head Office

Stoeckli Metall AG (STM)
Metalworking Center
Zaunweg 17
CH-8754 Netstal


Ex works, strictly net. Exclusive of sales tax, packaging, and transport costs.

Delivery Times

The delivery times confirmed by STM to the best of its knowledge are not set times. No claims by the purchaser due to delayed delivery will be accepted.

Quantity Tolerances

We reserve the right to deliver 5% more or 5% less than the quantity ordered.


Packaging is invoiced at cost price.

Manufacturing Equipment

Any production tools, equipment, gauges, etc., that are produced exclusively for the customer shall remain in the possession of STM even if the customer has contributed toward their costs. This reservation of ownership shall cease to apply and the customer may take charge of the manufacturing equipment without paying any further contributions in the event of any of the following:

  • Once a jointly agreed production quantity has been achieved as specified in the text of the order
  • If STM repeatedly fails to fulfill the terms of the contract with regard to delivery times and/or product quality
  • In the event of unjustified price increases (basis: the prices of the first order along with the corresponding wage index and the latest material prices that are applicable at the time of the order)


Complaints can only be considered if they are submitted in writing within eight days of receiving the goods. If the delivered goods are unusable (material defect, poor workmanship) through the fault of STM, STM shall be liable up to the invoiced amount. Any claims over and above this will not be accepted.

Auxiliary Supplies

The supplier (customer) undertakes only to deliver flawless products/have flawless products delivered and to adhere to the agreed incoming delivery times. STM does not make any guarantees in respect of the auxiliary products supplied. If the incoming delivery times are not adhered to, the confirmed outgoing delivery time cannot be ensured. A new one will be set and confirmed to the customer.

Special Terms

The above terms cannot be rendered void by any conflicting purchasing terms and conditions of the customer. Deviations shall only be binding if agreed in writing.

Place of Performance

The place of performance for delivery and payment is Netstal in the case of both contracting parties. The place of jurisdiction is Glarus. Swiss law shall apply exclusively.